Month: March 2017

Glass Brain Project – Visualising the Activity of the Human Brain

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This fascinating video from researchers at the University of California San Francisco shows the transmission of signals in the human brain. Called the Glass Brain, the model shows the integration of EEG data with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging model of signal conduction and Diffusion Tensor Imaging models of white matter tracts. The video demonstrates a functional model of communication in the brain and shows the current understanding of how neural signals are processed. Watch the video here

The Evolution of Trauma Treatment

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Renowned trauma researcher and clinician Dr Bessel van der Kolk recently wrote an article describing the value of neurofeedback as a tool for treating complex trauma. He also argues that trauma treatment should use a whole new approach that empowers trauma survivors and allows them to take greater control over their experiences. The whole article was published by Psychotherapy Networker and can be found here: