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Australian Scientists Create 3D-printed Brain-like Tissue From Stem Cells

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This article was posted on ABC news on July 26th 2017. Link to original: Australian scientists have used a 3D printer to create nerve cells found in the brain using a special bio-ink made from stem cells. The research takes us a step closer to making replacement brain tissue derived from a patient's own skin or blood cells to help treat conditions such as brain injury, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and schizophrenia. (more…)

Glass Brain Project – Visualising the Activity of the Human Brain

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This fascinating video from researchers at the University of California San Francisco shows the transmission of signals in the human brain. Called the Glass Brain, the model shows the integration of EEG data with a Magnetic Resonance Imaging model of signal conduction and Diffusion Tensor Imaging models of white matter tracts. The video demonstrates a functional model of communication in the brain and shows the current understanding of how neural signals are processed. Watch the video here

The Evolution of Trauma Treatment

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Renowned trauma researcher and clinician Dr Bessel van der Kolk recently wrote an article describing the value of neurofeedback as a tool for treating complex trauma. He also argues that trauma treatment should use a whole new approach that empowers trauma survivors and allows them to take greater control over their experiences. The whole article was published by Psychotherapy Networker and can be found here:

Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream

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This interesting article looks into the future as neurofeedback goes mainstream. It promotes the awareness and use of neurofeedback and describes the benefits of neurofeedback as a treatment for treating common mental health conditions without medications. It discusses the potential benefits and risks of neurofeedback technologies becoming more widely available.  

What Happened Within This Player’s Skull

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When player No. 81 took this blow to his head several years ago, it was just one concussion of many that occurred throughout college football and the N.F.L. But what made this one different was that this player was wearing a mouth guard with motion sensors. The information from those sensors has given researchers a more detailed and precise window into what was happening within the player’s brain in the milliseconds after the hit.

Brain pattern predicts how fast an adult learns a new language

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Some adults learn a second language better than others, and their secret may lie in their brain activity.
New findings by scientists at the University of Washington demonstrate that a five-minute measurement of resting-state brain activity predicted how quickly adults learned a second language. (more…)

Watching the brain in action

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Watching millions of neurons in the brain interacting with each other is the ultimate dream of neuroscientists! A new imaging method now makes it possible to observe the activation of large neural circuits, currently up to the size of a small-animal brain, in real time and three dimensions. (more…)

The emotion centre is the oldest part of the human brain

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"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning." You know that comment; the one that rarely makes you feel any more gracious towards the world (or the person saying it). At other times you might feel particularly gracious and sunny, for no reason at all. (more…)

BrainScope Ahead 300 Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment Device FDA Cleared

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BrainScope, a Bethesda, Maryland firm that’s been working with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop technology for assessing traumatic brain injuries (TBI), just won FDA clearance for its latest device, the Ahead 300. This the first of the company’s products that will actually be distributed commercially and it’s touted as their most advanced version. (more…)

Health Check: four key ways to improve your brain health

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The human brain is the most extraordinary and complex object in the known universe, a kilogram and a half of soft tissue that, at its peak, leaves computers behind with its endless capacity for problem solving, innovation and invention. (more…)


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