Tim Hill

Psychologist (Retired)
B.A., Dip.Ed., M.A., PhD., M.A.S.H., BCN, QEEGD

Tim is a founding member of Brain Therapy Centre, now retired from practicing. Tim has extensive therapeutic experience, working in private practice for more than 25 years. For the past 15 years this has included a special interest in neurotherapy.

Tim has been an active member of the neurofeedback community in Australia for many years. He is an elected Fellow of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia and was a past president of this organization.  Tim was instrumental in the establishment of certification standards for neurofeedback therapy in Australia and was the Inaugural Chair of Biofeedback Certification International Alliance- Australia. Tim is also certified at the Diplomate level by the international QEEG Certification Board.

Tim is experienced in a range of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, EMDR and hypnotherapy. While in private practice he has worked with clients suffering from a range of disorders including depression, traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress and other anxiety disorders.

Tim has also had a long interest in the assessment and treatment of people with learning disorders and attentional difficulties as well as those with developmental disabilities such as autism.

Prior to working in private practice Tim worked as a lecturer in psychology and human development at the University of South Australia for 15 years. He completed his bachelors’ degree at the University of Adelaide and his PhD from the University of Illinois.